Further Studies for the Temple

General / 27 January 2020

Close Up

In the image above I am focusing on the main statue and playing around with the brightness of the light to create a halo effect surrounding the face of the statue. The statue was sculpted in ZBrush and then brought to Maya to be retopologized where i quickly textured in Substance Painter to bring it to life. Most of the assets were done the same way in terms of the pipeline. Going forward, I will be adding trees behind the Cave itself so it would more interesting when the light is scattering through the subsurface of the leaves. i will be using Speedtree to create the assets of the trees or model them in Zbrush and place the haircards myself. But it would definitely be cool if I learn Speedtree so I could add that to my Resume.

Second Render Test

I fixed the water to make it look less black and more natural with the image beneath and added more dirt to the walls.


So I went into Photoshop and did a quick study of maybe how i want my final scene to look like and  I came out with the conclusion that my scene should have water cascading around the cave and have a stronger light ray coming from the only opening in the scene which is behind the Big Statue. I am still figuring out how I will cascade the water reflections as i may have to play with some more nodes or create a light that does that. I am able to animate the water as i figured out the nodes for that.

Nodes for Water Simulation

So these are the nodes I used to create a water moving effect in Unreal Engine.